Friday, September 08, 2006

Useful Links

Cybernations Government Game
Perfect Competition Business Game
Informatist Business Game
Nation States Government Simulator Game
Superpower Government Simulator Game

So... havn't posted in almost a year....

Well, had some more links I wanted to add to my web page for convienience...

For anybody other than myself that might actually look at this page, here is an update on some stuff since my last post, and some things few people knew then...

Got married, moved, friend got marriewd then divorced, best friend moved in then moved out, had a fantastic wedding, and discovored Celebrity Foods is one of the worst scams ever... by worst meaning I am very jealous and someday hope to be that evil... if that is the direction I wanted to go. I think I just have a problem with lying to people to sell a product. Damn involuntary morality! How am I ever going to be a good businessman. In other news, I got my Associates Degree in Business! The rest are details... or just not things I want to put up for anybody to see on the web... even if nobody.

Considering the length this is getting, think I will start a new post with those links I wanted to post.

Happy surfing!