Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Feature!

So I have added a wonderful feature to this site that will probably encourage me to use it more. Check out Articles for Duscussion at the top of the links list for articles and sites that I have admired or feel are worth discussing. In other words, this is a refewrence page in part to my "blah blah blah".

For example, have an upcoming debate on the morality of various socialist programs. I know I am not well verses, but for the people who will be involved in the debate, this site will include the specific references I hope to use, as oposed to the usual "I heard somewhere from some guy I think that...".

That can get annoying real quick. So in an effort to avoid such situations... TAH DA!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Great Business Article

Top Ten Geek Business Myths - This was a fantastic article for those that have thought about starting a business. To summarize: Dedication, hard work, research, and planning are more important than anything else.

One part in particular that I will think about: Sometimes ideas are origional for a reason. :) It has already been overly explored and found not to be feasible, or it has been tried and just failed. It is more sensible to take an old idea that is done poorly and do it right, just be sure that the reason it is done wrong is for reasons in your favor

Thursday, October 19, 2006


It is always difficult when something interesting is remembered, but you forgot to bring your portable library of references isn't at your fingertips. In this particular case I had brought up some controversay over land grants that conflicted with land and civil rights granted to "Ex-Mexican" Americans after the Mexican-American War in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Unfortunately at this particular venture with some rebutle from my counterparty, my argument didn't come across as much more than "some beaners got screwed out of some land somewhere".

My thought was that while the in the time the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was not made in good faith because 1) the government the treaty was made with was nolonger in the jursidiction, and 2) the people the treaty "intended" to protect were hardly aware of the treaty at all. With the assurance that all "Ex-Mexicans" were all full citizens of the United States. Despite how nice the treaty may have sounded, outside of the context of the treaty being pushed onto the Mexican government that had just lost a war, it was rhetoric and a stepping stone for worse than usual imperialism.

Ultimately, how does an ex-Mexican support their claim of land rights over "Americans" hell bend on Manifest Destiny with fancy deeds and grants given without knowledge of existing deeds. These conflicts created in good faith through selective misinformation were easy to resolve in an American legal system. The American with his fancy paperwork for evidence freshly printed by the American government mets a burdeon of proof, while the ex-Mexican only has his word that his family had been there for generations, especially when the newly found ex-American / ex-Mexican is probably unaware of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Anyway, the position from which I had attempted to argue from was particularly easy to find through a search on the internet. While this particular article lacks references, ir is one of the best articles I could find that resembled what I wish I had im front of me the other day:

Anyway, runnin off to do other things. I look forward to using this blog in the future to support arguments where I walk into situations where I seem to have forgotten my encyclopedia.

Bless anyone that actually found this article and read it to this point. Feel free to leave comments. I'd love to hear what people think... like I said, ifanyone else is reading this :)