Monday, May 21, 2007


So evidently my forgetfulness has gotten me kicked from my own website. has been bought up by a nameless search engine. Gee, must have been from the massive volumes of traffic it generated over the years. News to me.

On the other hand, this nifty .org hadn't been taken, and if I don't get my .net back, I should be pretty happy here. While talking to customer service at, I discovered that GoDaddy has all kinds of new free services that come with a GoDaddy account that are just what I wanted, from domain name masking to email forwarding and other nifty stuff I never noticed. To anybody that may have EVER visited this site before, I did pay for masking as a gift to myself, as the address is really long.

So for anybody or nobodies information, it was really simple and free to 1. mask this domain and all sub domains that link to published google documents (listed in a moment below), 2. have all email forwarded to gmail sent to this domain that can automatically be filtered, tagged and archieved in gmail (gmail rules!) 3. forward sub domains to all kinds of cool places.

What the hell am I ever going to do with a possible 100 sub domains??? Probably forward them to places I like to visit frequently where the names are not so obvious. Who knows, but here are a list of sub domains already setup for! - One of the first stories I published through Google Documents to see how it would work for doing simple web pages as documents can contain html code. I am still waiting for Google to tell me "That isn't what it was meant to be used for", but unlikely considering I don't get much of anybodies attention with this site. - Points to my other blog where I had hoped to keep track of experimental recipes and other cooking tips / tricks I have learned. points to the same page as above. Just wanted to do what many other sites do with directing people that might misguess a sub domain name... despite the fact that in this case, it is nobody. - IO was obsessed with NIM games for awhile. Check out "game theory" in Google. There are lots of games designed around a similar principle, but one in particular, CANS, really gets down to the basics. This page basically outlined every possible situation you could encounter in the game, and what to do to keep the "odds" in ones favor. This was meant to be helpful to anyone that wanted to really understand what was going on in the game. - The dreaded illegal hexidecimal carefully hidden into jpeg images. Not very impressive, but I was just having fun trying to transition my modest amount of photoshop knowledge to The Gimp. I am pretty happy with the results considering they were done on a very old machine and in total were done in less than 30 minutes. - probably the most, if not only, practical use of a sub domain. This points to my page where I keep all my references to stuff on my blog. As mentioned in a blog upon its creation, Too often I find difficult to believe information and find myself sharing it with people that in return ask "What's your source, crazy?" to which I can now reply, "Let me show you!" It has actually been useful when I kept it up to date, and now people don't have to go through my main page to get there. - Unused at the moment, but as of the day of the release of Windows "The next generation of disasters" Vista, I have completely Redmond free on my computer, and even most of the machines at my work (that I have any control over :) and loving it. I began with Ubuntu 6.10, but have since upgraded with a clean install of Ubuntu Studio 7.04. I have tried many the "competitive" distro as both host and guest machines, and very happy that I picked Ubuntu, but more about that another time, and another blog. :)

That's it for now. Off to the gym, since I have discovered that not all of your fitness needs can be achieved through typing and swearing.

Take care all!

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