Thursday, March 12, 2009

Global warming hysteria finally cooling down

The article linked above is really great. I listened to the global cooling debate and later the global warming debate to a point I finally had to look at what everyone was talking about. I looked into data on global temperatures and atmospheric changes and various theories and it seemed easy to see that for hundreds of years it has been understood that seasonal droughts and what was apparently a 28 year cycle of global warming and cooling was the direct cause of the electromagnetic cycle of the sun. The sun's plasma is a giant magnet that swirls and spins, twisting its magnetic field until it snaps, resetting things back to a more stable state, and the cycle repeats. The earliest evidence of this was shown in the relationship between drought seasons / global warming and sun spots. The fields "snapping" is seen in solar flares when the "magnetic pathways" (for lack of a better word) expand beyond the surface of the sun, and plasma following these pathways flare up, cool, and fall back to the sun leaving a dim mark we call a sun spot.

I have received some criticism for this belief, I think some believing I am uncaring to the earth. On the contrary, I think it is more harmful to spread lies about the way things work. I think we should be kind to the environment and stop polluting it as much as we are, but responding to bogus science about man made global warming with extreme measures to manipulate the political and economic environment can only do harm.

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