Sunday, November 13, 2005

A New Blogger

After reading an article on, I have decided to take advantage of my domain name again. I think I may use this to keep track of various things I am studying at any given time, and hopefully a reference the next time someone calls BULLSHIT, and I can't remember where I found something.

So anyway, one major reason for starting over new is that the template for my old web site does not appear to be editable. This page has replaced and the old page that has not been updated in years, which for now can be found at

So here is something I wanted to share with everyone:

Join EFF Today So the Music Can Play On

This was a very disturbing article I found through

Companies are getting more and more creative with the knowledge that nobody reads the EULA.

Everybody is so concerned about what they download off the internet, now you have to be scared of what might be bundled with software you buy in the store... but for many people, that probably isn't news.

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