Sunday, November 13, 2005

Taking a break from procrastination

So what does this really mean?

I am late. I am really late.

These two classes I am taking this semester, for anybody that does not already know, have been the toughest yet. Management of Human Resources, and Financial Accounting. Really exciting stuff as I am sure you can imagine. As usual, I keep getting descent scores on assignments, but I find myself turning them in with little clue if it will be A+, or returned to me with the comment "What the fuck was this?".

The assignment details are so short, and being the weekend, I can not call my teacher to ask what the stuff means. It says in part:

Create a diagram in PowerPoint ® or Word mapping job opportunities starting from, or advancing to, the position focused on in your final project.

I feel as though those words should make more sense to me. Is there a form out there called "Mapping job opportunities" in Microsoft Word somewhere? Grr... This does not seem subjective at all. It feels like there is something I need to copy from somewhere I have never heard of. Oh well, back to work.

The hunt shall continue.


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Keith said...

Wow, interesting. I am not sure of you noticed, but I just put this site up. I am sorry it did not meet your needs, but the attached links are not only resources I frequently use, but pages I expect to frequently reference the pages as I visit them frequently any time I hear "legal" this or "invest in" that.

This page I hope, as I mentioned, will be a journal of research and general bickering.

If I had not so much work to do today, I would probably update it with more of the projects I am working on, but until then I can understand your disapointment.

Hope you will come back and see what has prospired.