Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to convert an Atheist into believing there MIGHT be a god.

I never believed in God. And I really tried, but it never took While from a young age, I searched many historical / religious text, I never found anything I could really believe in, other than science textbooks. It just made the most sense. If you can call 'Spinoza's God' (Pantheism) a God, then all science text books to me are the manifestations of the glory of God as He inspires us to study His Universe. The one thing I did get from Church ever as a kid was that God was Truth. It really made sense to me, and I ended up believing that with all my heart. So science is the study of truth, and truth is God, then I must conclude that if that is true, then the Bible is pure evil.

But what about the possibility that this is not mutually exclusive with the possibility that The bible is true, different from being truth? The principles of the Bible are true, with regard to the things that we can confirm are true, and despite that some parts are absolutely false, it statistically possible that some of the parts we can't necessarily prove not true, are.

For example, how about if the bible was written by God, and that part of the stories were true. Lucifer was cast from heaven, and became the Bible. He represents all of the lies, super concentrated, and people not only read them, they believe in order to spread evil about the Earth. Let's say Jesus was Satan's fictional character that he played, but the event didn't actually happen. Satan made it all up, but of course it would have to sound all nice, like there was a God or Heaven or such lies, while we see such things as patently not true. You see, there are all these twists and confusions to trick you into believing that truth is just too hard to look for, when it isn't, and that then it presents you with an easy all-in-one convenient story that just gives you all the answers. The Devil teases you like this, trying to keep you from seeing God's glory while you got your nose stuck in a book. The book even warns you about it. Worshiping false idols. Again, this relationship between what is false and what is true.

And again I conclude that the Bible must be false when the truth is all around us, cause remember that God is with us. He can hear our prayers, and grant them. The freedom and power to discover truth, and "the truth will set you free", removing the binds that allowed what was concerning us in our prayers to become resolved.

So, God it real, and He put the Bible on this planet in his way that if understood, such as we could understand the falsehoods in his own story, then you were truly a master, and you will get into heaven when you die, otherwise you just become dirt, and die like you THINK Atheists die. But as the miracle of science shows, matter makes up everything, and your matter will become part of another lifeform, and get yet another chance to get into heaven.

All you have to do is read, and the understand that the Bible is a divine story in which it predicts its own falsehood.

So Atheists are right, and there is a God, and if you understood him, he would never want to believing in such silly non-sense.

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