Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ignorance is bliss?

"You can't take the car out of the parking lot until you pay for it" == women are property.

Some people have relationship, people that make a commitment to have a life together. There are many ways to bond to see if a life commitment is going to work. Going on dates, having sex, living together, whatever. You have a life together to see if you want more. It is a test drive. Having anything but a real committed relationship before marriage means you are doing something else...

That something else is what is wrong, in my opinion. This man just bought pussy. She is now his property. This is exactly the definition of a slut; a woman that uses her cunt to get the things she wants, something to manipulate another person with.

If I was going to 'buy' something to put on my dick, it wouldn't be a woman. WAY too much maintenance to keep around all the time. Prostitutes are much better partners in a situation like this cause they are much less expensive, and they leave when you are done with them. Or a maid. They are much cheaper than a full time woman.

If he was looking for a baby factory with that 'new car smell', then each to their own.

The only way this works is if they can allow their delusions to continue into reality, denying what is going on, never try to be more intimate than necessary to make kids, never experiment, and certainly NEVER have a talk about what they want from life, cause that tends to break things quickly. After that a combination of stupidity, income, and early death will ensure a long marriage.

And if you ever thought there might have been more to life, just tell yourself over and over again "ignorance is bliss", "ignorance is bliss", "ignorance is bliss"... and more than likely any 'greener grass' will be just as disappointing as your marriage.

And if that doesn't work, remember that Jesus and all the other x-men are happy for you. :)

And don't worry, a life where you make an effort and learn from your mistakes really isn't very rewarding just like you think (just in case you need me to tell you that to make you feel better)

Have a nice life!

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