Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why my feelings towards Windows could be described as HATE

If you really want to understand where a lot of the HATE comes from, read the Halloween documents: It is a compilation of documents, albeit stolen, from Microsoft executives discussing the impact and threat of Linux dating back as far as 1997. It establishes that, in their eyes, FOSS is a vastly superior development model that Microsoft can not compete with, and that Linux is not only a superior operating system, but that there is no legitimate or LEGAL way to design or develop Windows in a way to out pace it, let alone make it better. There are other issues around that, and many of the stories of their illegal escapades, despite readily available on the web, have been through the telephone game so many times you don't even know what they are talking about. There are also idiots that love Linux, and then simply those that love it that can not articulate themselves well.

The Halloween documents continue to get updated as disgruntled employees and lawsuits force Microsoft to reveal internal documents about illegal activities, and contentions with other companies. In addition to my own frustrating experience with Windows, there were simply things I wanted to do that were more easily facilitated under Linux. That is why I use Linux. The business practices outlined in the Halloween documents, all of which have been verified as authentic my Microsoft, are the reason for the HATE towards Microsoft / Windows.

I don't care how fast it is, or what features it supports. There are serious moral implications that I refuse to ignore any longer.

On a lesser note, I believe FOSS is the best path for the human race, and the best thing for everybody. I think it would be embraced more readily if it were not for the lies spewed by Microsoft, because they deal in taking and distributing software as they see fit for a price. They do not develop, which puts them in a very bad position in a FOSS world.

I don't like the OS war, and I recommend Windows to anyone that just wants to do certain things with their computer and would never look at as a tool. The things on Linux that serve me I recognize as individualistic, not necessarily superior. I prefer struggling with the difficulties of getting things to work under Linux because I feel I am always learning something new about the system. Fixing problems under Windows never felt like that when erasing and reinstalling was most always your best and fastest solution to mysterious errors.

I'll even admit I have more problems with getting things to work the first time under Linux, but the trade off for me is greater flexibility and opportunity to do anything I want with my machine, versus just having an interface to using whatever I bought the way Microsoft or someone else intended.

So that is this fan boy. I appreciate the time you took to outline your concerns about the community, so I felt obligated to share in the same respect.

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