Monday, February 23, 2009

A comment on Ways Beyong Empiricism

I see empiricism in a way as a clearly definable aspect of Rationalism. I do not believe any rationalist ascribes to pure empiricism any more than Cartesian philosophers ascribe solipsism. I think that is part of the beauty. I agree completely with your observation that all human truth is an merely an abstraction of truth even before we consider the implications and limits of language, but some abstraction results in group think, and other abstractions result in particle accelerators.

There is empirical evidence to show that empiricism is not a fundamentally complete construct for truth, but rationalism also says sometimes we just don't know. Rationalism is a powerful tool used recklessly with Occam's razor can cut up and justify any truth you like. In a way, it is still just a path. But, the difference from other philosophies like Christianity, rationalist, hopefully, reject any dogma, including science, for a pragmatism that says there are no limits to what we can discover.

When it comes to spiritual / supernatural beliefs, just try to keep it in perspective with what can really be known and how ideas can be communicated in absolute ways. Least for the sake of self evaluation and clear communication so you and others can really study it and improve. Keep in mind the potential of mathematics and study things that let you express yourself in challenging ways. With infinite knowledge out there, how can you know where you are going without really knowing where you are?

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