Thursday, February 12, 2009

A poem

So I had expected this to be a poem about the word Ubuntu, my feelings on the monetary system, about copyright law, but somehow it turned into something else. Oh well.

I had an occasion to write a poem, and below is what I came up with.
They say ignorance is bliss, and it must be
because the more I read, and the more I learn
the more angry I feel I become.

I never cared about politics. I had long believed
it was only a place for hurt and disappointment
crooks and thieves with agendas we can't even begin
to comprehend.
But maybe the politics are simple, and where we see
conspiracy is just ignorance taking on a life of its own

Does one belief say worse about humanity than the other?

Last year I was inspired: I didn't feel so alone in my opinion
I thought I really had a chance to discover what the big deal was
and with such a leaning telling me things were going to go the right way
I knew I could be part of something good.

I spoke, I wrote, I rallied.
And I did so in places where I was not only going to be heard,
but could stir up some controversay, and hopefully made an impression
many people made an impression on me as well and helped me learn what we were really up against.

By election day I was calling around, and picked up friends to take to the polls,
many not knowing they could still vote on the provisional ballot.
Thrilled, pumped, and excited, I knew I had done some good.

Aparently I was not on the side of the majority.

How did it happen that the message of new trains and happy chickens
had made it into peoples hearts, but love between two people fell on deaf ears
even if for just a small majority of Californians. Further, alternatives
to an over crowded prison system filled with people that never should have been in there
in the first place isn't much of an issue for those of us on the outside.
I doubt the two minorities find much solice in their common defeat.

As I was struck later with the final numbers,
the realization that so many could be driven to the polls,
and driven there by fear and hate.
All I could do is cry and scream out in rage...

...but honestly I don't know if it was more from the blunt force of reality,
...or a fierce jealousy for the cynics that that already knew the truth.

Many gay and lesbian friends couldn't understand my response,
"havn't you been paying attention?" they would say.

"I thought I was"

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