Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ah, the Evidence of FACT challenges. We will always love you!

If you find this evidence compelling, countering the claims of Zeitgeist, part 1, another great site: The Flat Earth Society
Compare the number of users and active discussions going on @ The Flat Earth Society web site compared to Zeitgeist Challenge and compare who has made the better, more comprehensively rational argument for their belief. Personally, I could more easily believe that the perceived direction of the dimensional planes makes it appear that the world is round, but a simple Polar to Cartesian transformation (which is purely perceptual) shows a flat earth supporting all the claims of the Flat Earth Society. That would be my support.

The Bible, just like dinosaur bones, were put here to test our faith, and an attempt to hide the truth.

But it is fun to take on challenges, but why work so hard to win only $250 when you could win $7.5 Trillion just for proving evolution?

Or $100,000 offered to prove global warming

And if Zeitgeist part 2 was true, why wasn't this million dollar reward collected?

All this must prove is that Tom Cruz is our true Lord and Savior. Provide any evidence that I am wrong, and I will write your name on a $2 bill, wipe my ass with it, and flush it down the toilet. I have faith it will get to you.

Afterthought: Looking around some more, I came by this response to Zeitgeist, which personally only goes to show that at best, in the case of religion, both arguments are absurd. However, how about we just say that Zeitgeist was a complete satire with as much validity as The Da Vinci Code. Isn't the simple argument: They are all just stories with as much importance to your belief that you choose to give them. What's pragmatic; should you seek truth from one book or many?

Is the idea of attempting to seek truth beyond the bible just greedy, or an emergent truth just pessimistic? I'm happy believing Jack Black aka Jesus Christ in that there really isn't much of the Bible that is believed by anyone anymore, even though people keep saying they do, or use it as an excuse to justify ANYTHING that they feel like attributing to it.

And yet another note, Nature's Eternal Religion was recommended for those looking for more material along these lines. From what I have read so far, it is a book about the beauty of nature, and the disgusting politics of man. I am sure I will have more to say about it after I have finished reading it.

Final note? Something I couldn't help of thinking as I was driving home after reading browsing this site, the Rational Response Squad was this equation:
Astronomy + Literary Anthropomorphism+ Superstition + Rule #34 = Holy Bible

and possibly...

Holy Bible + Group Think + Democracy = Bat Shit Fucking Crazy Politicians Running This Country!!!

Do I even need to add greed into this?
Too Simple? Nah.

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