Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is annoying...

Ok, this is just an angry response, not a well thought out one, but I am going to leave it as is just the same.

fjpoblam writes:

Creative Commons and the Copyleft movement recognize that, in the web world, it is impossible (there are not enough human "enforcers") to guarantee protection of intellectual property published on the web. No can do. Period. The best an artist/programmer/creator can do is *ask* for credit and *ask* that, if the work is copied, it be passed along, freely, with no more restrictions than the artist/programmer/creator put on it. The artist/programmer/creator can further DEMAND that the artist/programmer/creator has ABSOLUTE right to diddle the original work and gain profit from it NO MATTER WHAT anyone does with the copies. (You can't copyright my stuff in such a way that keeps me from diddling it.)

Wow, you just don't get it.

Just because companies have found a way to profit off of free software does not mean that is what the free software revolution is about. Creative Commons and Gnu GPL are keeping companies like Disney, Microsoft, Sony, and these other douche bags from pirating our fucking culture, commoditizing, and selling it back to us. The financial institutions of this country have raped us, printing money and putting a price tag on everything to take it back at their leisure.

Creative commons and the GPL says you may steal everything else, but you are not stealing our thoughts, our beliefs, our culture. The purpose of life is to share information, and those that try to package it up and take it away from people are the real criminals of the world, and no matter what their talk, no matter what their lies or excuses, I will continue to tell them they can completely go FUCK themselves.

If you don't want it pirated, keep it in your fucking head. It is the last safe place, even if for only a little bit longer.

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