Thursday, January 08, 2009

MMO failures of 2008

Ok, MAYBE this is just coincidence, or I have the relationship backwards, but PotBS SHOULD have slaughterd EVE. LotRO is also amazingly successful despite the fact it is a very poorly designed wow with all the drawbacks of DAoC and EQ. Hmm... What do WoW, Eve, and LotRO all have in common that those 4 games COMPLETELY lacked? ready for this? LINUX SUPPORT!!! Yeah, I said it. I played Pirates and loved it, but restarting the computer (let alone having to have a whole other OS installed just to play 1 game) was stupid. Not to mention the LONG patch times. Everyone in pirates was like "wow, this is just like Eve". I ended getting Eve, and while it is not nearly as fun, it doesn't require turning my entire computer into a console. Lord of the Rings is OK, and again, I don't have to choose between a game and having a computer. I stopped playing WoW shortly after Burning Crusade launch for a number of reasons, but Wrath of the Lich King has brought all new fun to the game. So maybe it is just me, but the 3 commercial pay by the month MMOs that are doing really well have full Linux support. Are there issues? Sure! but there are windows issues too. I know Linux gamers are HUNGRY and rumors by many that they would buy ANY descent game just to show their support. Maybe the user base is as small as M$ would like to try and make it out to be, but the user base is pretty dedicated. And while I said my observation may be total coincidence, nothing in that review even eluded to "failed because they over extended themselves to try and support too many OSs".

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