Friday, January 23, 2009

Roe v. Wade: Is a fetus a person?

Row v. Wade was a case about a womans right to privacy. Since then the argument has been heated over the life of the potential child, and the potentially compelling public interests to over turn the case. A case may be making it to the Supreme Court soon to argue the personhood of the unborn child. This is one short perspective...

I am not going to rant on about this, but I was listening to this being argued on the radio (Make it Plain: Sirius Left 146) Do you think that a fetus is a person? is a viable argument?

So many aspects to this for so many reasons, but as I said, somewhere so much to say and too much to say, but I think I can cover my opinion of the issue and perspective simply:
  • All Life is sacred.
  • Every Female egg and every menstruation is a growing and developing life with full potential.
  • People need to be responsible in their sexual relationships for MANY reasons.
  • The law does not recognize a life as a person until it is an adult with the majority of normal capacity and 18 years old, or emancipated.
  • Pregnancy is a private matter that should be respected
  • The life of a baby has a compelling public interest once the child has been introduced to society as such, when it has been done so voluntarily. Given the right circumstances, compelling interest could exist before conception.
  • Compulsory maternity mandated by the state is rape under any circumstances, however given appropriate medical technology including safety and meeting appropriate conditions for compelling public interest, allow the pregnancy to be transfered. If by some means those conditions were met, and no harm would come of the mother, but the transfer was not entirely voluntarily, Neither biological parent would retain any rights or liability.
  • To deny a womans right to choose is to objectify life, not embrace it as sacred.
I realize I have left many points very vague, but I think I will cover them by reference, individually in separate articles as I already have much to do today.

For even simpler measure, I look forward to the Freedom of Choice Act being signed into law by Obama, representing progress and respect for life, and women.

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