Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How do you call this a "study"?

This article seemed interesting, until I realized there was absolutely no data, and technically, there weren't even any results. Just an unsupported opinion. I tried to keep an open mind to see where this opinion was coming from, and there really wasn't much of anything till I came past this little gem:
a good male is more willing to pay the cost of a long courtship to claim the prize of mating.
I thought prostitution was illegal. This sounds very demeaning to both genders. Though I know many treat sex as something a woman sacrifices for a man, can I just say "YUCK!". Women need to empower themselves by taking time to understand their sexuality (let alone men). It does not just come naturally with puberty or just waiting long enough. Take control, be pragmatic, and enjoy yourself, when the time feels right, without being pressured into doing anything you don't want to do, but keep an open mind.

What was their data anyway? Interviews with couples on their 50th anniversary asking how long they waited? People that divorced in less than a year? People that say "I'm sad", or "I'm happy". Was this only people in relationships, or people who were single? Were these people in clinics for nymphomania? I can find happy and miserable people in all kinds of relationships. What science or even matter for that matter are you trying to show? 1 day is short period of time?

Objectifying sexuality and particularly female sexuality this way I find offensive. However, for those of you that can't seem to learn from your mistakes (which sadly maybe the truth of this "study", though who could ever know without the data) then maybe you are better off waiting. I think if things don't click reasonably well on the first date, maybe you should think of cutting your losses. Learn to trust and improve your instincts, both the onces that say "this guy seems to be trying to hard" and the one that says "I bet this guy would be a great lay".

I just keep reading it and am just trying to think of this in anything but a sick and depraved way. "a good male is more willing to pay the cost of a long courtship to claim the prize of mating". While women can get a good vibe that says "let's take things slow", I certainly hope that NO woman ever buys into this misogynistic crap that a women are a commodity to be bought and sold.

Changing the price doesn't make you less of a whore. Try instead to THINK and be WISE about your CHOICES.

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