Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Homework Myth first impressions and a new site!

So I got the book on the way home last night. Was a little disappointed at the price for the size of the book, but whatever. I also ended up ordering "The Case Against Homework" for when it comes into stock.

It is an interesting read so far. I haven't gotten so far to really comment on the contents too much so far, but taking it with a grain of salt I do think it is valid for teachers to challenge themselves and their schools policies over how much homework is necessary and whether or not assignments are meeting their intended objectives.

The author seems to be addressing his opinion from the perspective of what would happen if we completely did away with homework, but his own is a bit more conservative. There are certain subjects where students should have homework, but with greater latitude as to how they learn what they need to learn.

Main thing I have thought so far from having read reviews to getting the book for myself is teachers and students need more support from administration to find latitude in the way that students can be successful for themselves.

In other news, something I had wanted to do was keep this blog to a max of a post a day, and no more than three to four per week to allow time for each subject to be investigated, however, I have been encouraged to begin publishing my experiments in cooking as I have needed a place to keep track of recipes and general kitchen experiments. There is more info on the accompanying page, particularly in its first accompanying story on the weekend barbecue. So follow along with Chef's Special with the link @ Other Pages next to the search engine. Enjoy!

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