Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Less dramatic then the election

I look forward to seeing the rest of the California election results, but till then wanted to mention something on a lighter note. SIM CITY 4! Great game, but one I struggled with to get very far. I loved the original as well as the second. Never played 3000, but the flashy box of 4 I couldn't resist. I bought the game not too long after it came out, but soon got frustrated... and was much more attracted to World of Warcraft.

But as WoW has become a dull grind, and finally seeing most all of the end game encounters... not too interested in sitting dedicating the necessary time my guild, or any other high performing guild. Anyway, part of the motivation for getting back into Sim City 4.

So I started looking for some direction to improve my game play. I found a lot of bad advice on all kinds of hint web sites with little blurbs. I then came by this guide by Sim City Freak. Amazing. only reading the first half of it, I was able to build a large city with fantastic income very quickly. So for anyone that wanted to enjoy the game but never got very far, I highly recommend this guide.

What next? map out a local city! That could be fun, and see how much tweaking it requires to run well.

Anyway, happy gaming!

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