Monday, November 06, 2006

The Homework Myth

"Why our kids are getting too much of a bad thing."

I am going to run out and get this book.

When I was in high school, I never did more homework then I thought was necessary or fun. while this helped me learn a lot, it didn't get me the best grades in the class when homework was heavily weighted. In college, there was no homework, per say, just assignments, and discussion.

Practice isn't a bad thing, just mandatory practice, hence the term "busy work" many students become fond of.

Will students make up their own "homework" if they do not feel like they have fully grasped a subject?

Until I have read this book and compare it to my own experiences, food for thought comparing some of the discussion from "Socialism: Illegitimate, not just inefficient" and what I can imagine is contained within "The Homework Myth", let me pose this question for anyone reading:

Food for Thought:
There has been a scientific break-through! Doctors can now determine from shortly after birth what your ideal career path is. Relatively ideal income, optimal job satisfaction, lowest stress, all because this chosen career is perfect for you. Thankfully, it was also shown there is an even distribution of labor to proliferate a thriving economy, and cultural diversity is a natural system. Ignoring potential for corruption or manipulation, and no legal enforcement or coercion to follow the advise, what do you do with the given information? Is there any reason to make challenge so long as evidence continues to prove the theory flawless. What if it was only 99% accurate?

In other news, I may soon be adding a recipes page after a fantastic barbecue success this weekend. Link to be added soon.


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