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Rants and Raves on Craigslist. WTF?!?

Ok, so I found this post on craigslist, and couldn't help but reply. It is amazing what people make up. (And am I being hypocritical, yes. Is it fun? yes) Enjoy:

I love how people love to make up research on the spot to support cracked out theories, or here is MY uneducated unsupported argument AGAINST your uneducated unsupported argument.


You want facts? Here are ten.
Reply to: pers-241200145@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-11-28, 12:32PM PST



1.A carnivore's teeth are long, sharp and pointed. These are tools that are useful for the task of piercing into flesh. Omnivore's (meat and plant eaters) teeth are similar to that of carnivores. Man's, as well as other herbivore's teeth are not pointed, but flat edged. These are useful tools for biting, crushing and grinding.

--Uh... I don't know about you, but the teeth in the front of my mouth, like the incisors and CANINES are sharp. if Yours are flat, maybe you should consider seeing a dentists rather than an herbalist.

2.A carnivore's jaws move up and down with minimal sideways motion. The jaw motion of an omnivore is similar. These are tools that are useful for the tasks of shearing, ripping and tearing flesh and swallowing it whole. Omnivores swallow their food whole and/or with simple crushing. Man's, as well as other herbivore's jaws cannot shear, but have good side to side and back to front motion. These are tools that are useful for extensive chewing, crushing and grinding of grains and other high fiber foods. Animal flesh cannot be crushed, ground and chewed without some degenerating process such as cooking or frying.

--More proof maybe your hippy friends could benefit from a trip to the dentist. I have no problem ripping, grinding, or sheering flesh from a bone. Gotta love those baby back ribs! Also, I have no problem eating or digesting raw meat. The reason to cook meat is to kill bacteria that can begin to grow when it becomes stale. Do you know how long it takes for food to get to the grocery store or how many people handle it before it gets to your kitchen? Cooking, like refrigeration, is an extra precautionary step when food is going to be kept for a long time. Refrigerators and cooking are unnatural, sure, not eating meat. Are you really going to tell me you don't cook those beans, potatoes, corn, or other such things? That tofu junk doesn't last long without refrigeration the last I look. Additionally, the digestive system of the human body is adaptive, and mostly processed by bacteria. Much of the bacteria comes from the foods we eat, and the more we eat them, the stronger and more prevelant they are in the body to continue eating them. Any kind if food type the body goes without for a long period of time will be difficult for the body to handle. Give a liter of prune juice to a carnivore and you will get a similar result as giving bacon to a vegan.

3.A carnivore or omnivore's saliva does not contain digestive enzymes. Man's, as well as other herbivore's saliva is alkaline, containing carbohydrate digestive enzymes.

--Umm... I think you just proved that carnivores shouldn't eat plants. Hurray for the versatility and evolution of man kind.

4.A carnivore's stomach secretes powerful digestive enzymes with about 10 times the amount of hydrochloric acid than a human or herbivore. The pH is less than or equal to "1" with food in the stomach, for a carnivore or omnivore. For humans or other herbivores, the pH ranges from 4 to 5 with food in the stomach. Hence, man must prepare his meats with laborious cooking or frying methods. E. Coli bacteria, salmonella, campylobacter, trichina worms [parasites] or other pathogens would not survive in the stomach of a lion.

--This must be why lions outlive and outnumber humans... uhh... nevermind. E. Coli bacteria, salmonella, campylobacter, trichina worms should be avoided. There are certain precautions that can be taken to kill such things if they are in your food. Not to mention you can get E. Coli bacteria from plant matter gone bad. They are not very common. Have you actually looked at how many people are actually affected by these diseased every year? Raw meat is usually not bad for you, but why take the risk? Btw, I'd really like to see your data showing that lions don't suffer from diarrhea.

5.A carnivore's or omnivore's small intestine is three to six times the length of its trunk. This is a tool designed for rapid elimination of food that rots quickly. Man's, as well as other herbivore's small intestines are 10 to 12 times the length of their body, and winds itself back and forth in random directions. This is a tool designed for keeping food in it for long enough periods of time so that all the valuable nutrients and minerals can be extracted from it before it enters the large intestine.

--Hurray for versatility of man. Not only are we at the top of the food chain cause we are smart, but because we are meant to eat everything we can fit in our mouth.

6.A carnivore's or omnivore's large intestine is relatively short and simple, like a pipe. This passage is also relatively smooth and runs fairly straight so that fatty wastes high in cholesterol can easily slide out before they start to putrefy. Man's, as well as other herbivore's large intestines, or colons, are puckered and pouched, an apparatus that runs in three directions (ascending, traversing and descending), designed to hold wastes that originally were foods high in water content. This is so that the fluids can be extracted from these wastes, now that all the useful nutrients and minerals have been extracted and the long journey through the small intestine is over. Substances high in fat and cholesterol that have been putrefying for hours during their long stay in the small intestine tend to get stuck in the pockets that line the large intestine.

--Water absorbtion = true, stuff getting stuck = false, except maybe your neighbors pet gerbil, but that's only cause you started at the wrong end of the system, weirdo. Plastic toys or crayons sometimes get stuck, but not meat, or even bubble gun (despite what your mother says). Colon washes were a popular hippy thing in the 70's, but proved to have NO medical benefit.

7.Animal flesh, composed of the most highly complex type of protein that exists, requires vast amounts of uric acid to process. Uric acid is released into the system in amounts necessary to break proteins down into amino acids. Uric acid is a toxic substance responsible for the aging process and must be flushed out and dealt with. That is one of the jobs of the liver. In relative terms, a carnivore's liver is a tool designed with the capacity to eliminate ten times as much uric acid as the liver of man or other plant eater.

--So were efficient too? Sweet!

8.A predator has a gait, large paws and claws, which enable him to hunt, chase and trap his prey. These are tools meant to kill. Man's gait, as well as other herbivore's is designed only for mobility. Examine your hand, fingers and fingernails. Is this an apparatus properly designed for catching, trapping, killing and ripping apart cattle, hogs, chicken and fish? How does this work for picking fruit from trees or harvesting vegetables? The foods your hands were meant to gather are typically, high in water content, high also in fiber to sweep the wastes out of those intestines, and collectively contain every vitamin and mineral necessary to sustain human life.

--Think we discovered the problem. If you can't use your brain and your hands at the same time... you are probably better off picking fruit. Humans are designed for travel and using tools. Humans are the fastest animal in 25 miles allowing them to track herds, not chasing trees. Our hands are great for holding rocks to smash in the brains of the animal we want to eat, or hold the sharp stick to stab them with. Many animals are easy to tear apart and prepare without the use of tools... though some people choose to be more civilized... my self not being one of them.

9.A carnivore's frame of mind is totally geared for hunting and killing. Man's frame of mind is compassionate, friendly and reveres life. When the lion spots another furry animal, something might instinctively click in his head that tells him to hurry up and get dinner. When man spots a furry animal, rather than show his children how to take its life and eat it, a more likely instinct is to pull over, get the camera out and take a picture. Put a young baby chick and an apple in a crib with a six-month-old baby. What will he instinctively attempt to eat and play with?

--I thought humans were omnivores... but whatever. And I think people who work on ranches do teach their families how to tear apart animals. It isn't a vicious thing, it is a work thing. Do you pick the apple because you are thinking about killing the future children of that tree, or because you are hungry? Lion's are also sweet and loving creatures that are very protective of its family. Hippos are much more violent and like to kill things for fun that it doesn't even eat. Why? Because it is a vegetarian! Also, I think a six month old baby is going to drool on both the apple and the chick. Its hands, mouth and motor skills are perfectly capable of killing a chick, and probably would. I don't think a baby, with no teeth mind you, is going to do much harm to an apple.

10. Man is not a natural hunter. Every predator, in order to go hunting, MUST be hungry. Man cannot go hunting if he IS hungry! He must have a meal first. Hunger must precede a predator to go hunting. Hunger must follow man's desire to go hunting, it cannot precede it.

--Gosh, you make it so easy, it is hard to even decide where to start. Hmm... no creature will hunt if it is starving to death. There are also many problems various animals have if they haven't eaten in a long time, more so for carnivores, but that is because as you have stated repeatedly, vegetarians are lazy and make little effort to acquire food. Animals eat when there is food. Many animals will kill themselves over eating in the presence of too much food. Also, every time the some group of people gets stranded without food and turns to cannibalism, last I checked, it was AFTER they got hungry.

--If you have ever studied biology, which you obviously haven't, you'd know that plants take natural resources and turn them into life through photosynthesis and reproduction. Animals on the other hand destroy life by breaking down lifeforms back into their natural resources while sucking away the life energy to move and go kill something else, plant or animal. Would this world be better off without humans? certainly! But as long as we are going to continue to live we should do our part and try to destroy as many of those other nature killing creatures such as cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, baby seals, etc as possible to sustain our own life rather than raping and pillaging the natural producers of life force on this planet, the vegetation. Remember, green plants produce oxygen for us, and when you eat them, or rip their bodies from the earth, they can do that any more, you sick twisted individual.

You are just comfortable eating plants because you can sympathize with things that aren't like you. The same argument is used every day to support racism and genocide all over the world. "Ooh, we love things with central nervous systems" or "Ooh, they don't even have centrioles and practice meiosis. Let's kill it and eat it!". Sounds like fascism to me.

More proof that vegetarians, and especially vegans, are Nazis!

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